Need Help to Use Our Site?

We have provided plenty of help so you can get the maximum benefit from our site. You can explore our help pages from here - they are arranged around each of the main menu tabs at the top of the site page. Use the sub-menu buttons on the left of this page to enter the help system and get help with each of the main content areas of the site. When you are exploring other parts of the site, watch out for the "Help on this Page" sub-menu item, which will appear on the left as the last sub-menu item. Clicking on that link will provide you with help for the page you are on.

In addition, the following help pages are provided to give information on some of the functionality that is built into the site for your convenience:

Video Tutorials

We are producing a series of video tutorials to explain certain aspects of our internet ministries. Two of the tutorials are recordings of presentations that were made to the congregation at Grace. We are also producing a series of shorter videos to describe specific aspects of our ministries in more detail.

Click here to access these tutorials.