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We're a fellowship in Modesto, California, that takes the Bible seriously, aiming to teach all its truths accurately, without alteration or compromise, and to live our lives accordingly.

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Fifty-Two Reasons to Enjoy Fellowship - now published in Kindle format

The "Fifty-Two Reasons to Enjoy Fellowship" series of meditations has now been published as a Kindle book and is available at Amazon.com. It can be read on any Kindle, or using the Kindle application on any android tablet or phone, iPhone or iPad. Please pray that it would be a blessing to many!

To learn more, click on this link.

Our earlier series of meditations are available at the links below:

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"I Just Don’t Respect Those Who Tell Me about the Gospel"

In the latest message from our series looking at reasons people give for not becoming Christians, we considered those who reject Christ out of a lack of respect for those who bring His Gospel to them. We saw that the message of salvation is too important to ignore simply because we don't care for the messenger who brings it to us.

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Morning Sermon
April 06, 2014
You Shall Receive Power

Your Lord has promised to give you His Spirit to empower you to live for Him...

Evening Sermon
April 06, 2014
Be Filled with the Spirit

Your Lord commands you to be filled with His Spirit...

Evening Sermon
March 30, 2014
Be Merciful, as He Is Merciful

The Lord calls you to show mercy to others because:

  • He has shown you mercy...