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I Just Don't Have Time Right Now
Evening Sermon 2011-02-20 I Won't Come to Christ Because... Acts 24:24-26 Drawing from the example of Paul's ministry to Felix, we see that no excuse is good enough to put off coming to Jesus. When Paul spoke on righteousness, self-control, and the judgment, Felix became afraid and dismissed Paul until a more "convenient time". We examine the elements of Paul's message and see that Felix was right to be afraid but completely wrong not to come to Christ on the pretext that it was not convenient
What's in Your Way?
Evening Sermon 2011-03-20 I Won't Come to Christ Because... Matthew 19:16-30 As we examine some... come to the reason: "I won't come to Jesus because...there's something I don't want to give up." Our... will not make it to heaven; most will perish. (i) It won’t be only because they don’t know the way.... a. If you go away from Christ, as the young man did, you will perish. (i) If you aren’t willing..., then you will gain them. (i) If you give your possessions to Christ, you will keep them forever
I Won't Come, Because I Can't
Evening Sermon 2011-05-15 I Won't Come to Christ Because... Romans 9:19-21 We consider another excuse people sometimes use for not coming to Christ for salvation: "I won't come, because I can't... to repent of their sins and to trust Jesus to be saved. “I Won’t Come, Because I Can’t” (Romans 9:18-21) I. Introduction. A. We’ve been looking at excuses people use not to come to Christ... sometimes used: “I won’t come, because I can’t.” 1. This comes from those of you who are more
Trust Nothing but Jesus
Evening Sermon 2011-06-19 I Won't Come to Christ Because... Matthew 3:8-10 Knowing and believing... a reason; is yours a good one? (i) Some think they’re going to heaven because they’ve heard the truth.... a. Christian parents can teach you and show you the way to come to God through Jesus Christ... save you - faith in Jesus Christ. What does it mean to trust in Jesus? *You must first of all... faith in Jesus Christ, the Bible warns we will end up in hell. Jesus says, "Every tree that does
Is the Price Really Too High?
Evening Sermon 2011-07-17 I Won't Come to Christ Because... Luke 14:25-35 Some people will not come to Christ because they believe the cost of discipleship is too high and they are unwilling to pay.... Introduction. A. Each of you here this evening, who haven’t yet come to Christ, has a reason... perish because of their faith. b. But were any of these good reasons? (i) The Lord calls...’s deal with another reason why some of you haven’t come: because you’re not willing to pay the price
A Faith that Is Not Enough
Evening Sermon 2011-08-21 I Won't Come to Christ Because... Acts 8:1-24 Simon the Magician heard... of trusting Him – they settle for something less: (i) Either because they’re ignorant – they just don... to hear it for the same reason as Simon and the Samaritans. (i) Because you’re a sinner – Paul.... (i) You need to believe that you are guilty because you’ve broken God’s Law. (ii) You need... Him for salvation. “A Faith that Is Not Enough” (Acts 8:1-24) I. Introduction
How Much Time Do You Have?
Evening Sermon 2011-09-18 I Won't Come to Christ Because... Luke 12:13-21 Jesus addresses something... man. Make sure you are in Jesus Christ now. Don't be deceived into thinking that this is something... in faith, and be saved. “How Much Time Do You Have?” (Luke 12:13-21) I. Introduction... his brother to divide the family inheritance. (i) Jesus tells him that He was neither appointed..., He uses the opportunity to teach the man, and the crowd, why He did come, and what really
Are You Good Enough for God?
Evening Sermon 2011-11-20 I Won't Come to Christ Because... Matthew 9:9-13 Most people today believe they will go to heaven when they die, because they are good enough. But God says they aren't; and we need to understand His assessment, since this is the one that really matters. We consider: * What God says in the Bible about our spiritual condition, and * Why we need Jesus Christ if we are ever to be good enough to go to heaven. Gospel, salvation - by grace, self-righteousness
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