Grace Church Internet Ministries Map

This page is designed to show where Grace Church is present on the internet, and with what content.

As our internet ministry has developed, we have made use of many sites to highlight various aspects of the work. The following list is not comprehensive (and we will add to it over time) but it does give some of the more important places where our content is housed online. It is divided into Major and Minor venues.

Major Venues:






Minor Venues:

Video Ministry

  • Live Broadcast

Livestream. This site hosts our live broadcasts and they are then embedded in other sites where they can also be viewed.

  • Video Clips

The following sites distribute video content (clips from some of our recorded videos, or full message recordings).






Audio Ministry

ChurchCloud. This is a church directory site that features Grace Church and some of our audio ministry.

Documents Ministry

Slideshare. We publish the speaking notes from our lessons and sermons on this site, as another place where people can access them.

Librarything. Check out the online catalog to our library!

Goodreads. Some of the titles from our library are also listed on this site for avid readers!

Blog Ministry

We distribute regular updates about our internet ministries using the following blog sites:







Social Network Ministry

We have established a presence on each of the following popular social networking sites. The give the opportunity for people to find out about our ministries in the context of their favorite networking sites.





Photos Ministry

Picasa. Our church photograph albums live here.

Start Page Ministry

Netvibes. This is a one-stop-shop that gives access to a wide range of our internet ministry content.

Other sites we make use of

We use several other sites to help us with the production of elements of our ministry. We acknowledge them here and list them in case they may be of use to others.

  • A URL-shortening service we have used to obtain shortened links to some of our internet ministry sites.
  • An online storage service we use to house our weekly bulletin. The folder from is embedded in a Blogger blog for our users to access and we tap into the folder's RSS capabilities to generate an RSS feed notification when each new week's bulletin is posted.
  • Conduit. We used Conduit to build our Internet ministry web browser toolbar.
  • A site through which users can recommend our content to others.
  • Feed43. As service we use to generate an RSS reed from the "Recent News" section of our web site. The tool enables any part of any web site to be turned into an RSS feed.
  • Google Analytics. This supplies usage statistics for several of our ministries.
  • Google Feedburner. Many of our RSS feeds are processed through Feedburner, which increases compatibility and gives access to many useful additional features, including usage statistics.
  • Meebo. We use Meebo, embedded in our live broadcast blogger pages, so that viewers can contact internet ministry team members and ask the teacher questions during the Discipleship Classes.
  • OpenSong. Our live broadcasts use this tool to supply Scriptures and Hymn words.
  • A service supplied by, giving Bible references in a shortened URL format. The links take you to the Bible on the Logos web site. You can specify the Bible version that the link points to.
  • StumbleUpon. A site through which users can recommend our site to others.
  • We use this site for our feedback forum.
  • Yammer. This works in conjunction with a domain name to supply private, Twitter-like communications between account holders.