Online Library

Recommended Reading to Complement Site Ministry

Welcome to our virtual library! Here, we will provide suggestions for reading in several categories, together with links to some online bookstores where you may purchase these titles if you wish.

We have developed the following category at present:

One note of caution. Please keep the Lord's Day holy! Don't use the links provided to purchase books on the Lord's Day!

Online Catalog of our Physical Library

As another aspect of our literature ministry, check out our online library catalog at LibraryThing for more useful literature across a wide spectrum of subject areas!

Library Widgets

We have created 2 widgets that you can embed in a blog or a Facebook page to display the contents of our library and give more information on the books, including where they can be obtained.

A third widget enables you to search the contents of our library from wherever you have embedded it! See the widgets by visiting the library widget page on our blog.

Library News Feeds

Visit our Devotional News Feeds page to learn how you can subscribe to RSS feeds that will alert you when new books are added to the library and when a new review is written on an existing book.