Four Year Curriculum

In 2003, we launched a four-year discipleship curriculum, initially aimed at the High School aged members of our congregation, but over time adapted for the adult class also. The curriculum spans four years in total. The driving principle is to equip students with the tools they will need to think through issues from a Biblical perspective. To that end, there are four main areas of study:

  • Theology (The Westminster Confession of Faith, or WCF)
  • Bible Study and Bible Survey
  • Church History
  • Biblical Thinking

The curriculum is presented in the following table, which also gives links to the materials in case you may find them useful in your situation.


  Quarter One -
Quarter Two -
Bible Study and Survey
Quarter Three -
Church History
Quarter Four -
Biblical Thinking
Year_1 Westminster Confession 1-5 Bible Study and Tools Early and Medieval Periods Spiritual Gifts, Evangelism, Apologetics
Year_2 Westminster Confession 6-17 Old Testament Bible Survey 1 - Genesis - Esther Medieval and Reformation History Biblical Worship
Year_3 Westminster Confession 18-24 Old Testament Bible Survey 2 - Job - Malachi Reformation, Counter-Reformation - The 18th Century The Christian and Societal Issues
Year_4 Westminster Confession 25-33 New Testament Bible Survey Modern Church History The Environment and Life Issues

In putting together this system, we have tried to underline that theology is not a dry, academic pursuit for a limited number of people. Rather, it is exciting and interesting and very practical in everyday life. We teach it with genuine enthusiasm which we hope is contagious.

The following books accompany the teaching materials quite well. See our recommended reading page for more information:

  • The Westminster Confession of Faith
  • Matthew Henry's Commentary of the Bible
  • Survey of the Bible by William Hendricksen
  • Sketches from Church History by S.M. Houghton