Catechism For Young Children

The Catechism for Young Children has been divided into the following sections. For each of them, lessons corresponding to the questions and answers in the catechism have been prepared and can be found by following the links provided. You will find teaching notes, student pamphlets and other materials to help you teach the lessons.

For a teaching outline giving more information on how to use the information in these lessons, click here

Section Guide

Section Topic
1 Our Relationship to God
2 Who Is God?
3 Mankind
4 The Covenant of Works
5 Sin
6 The Covenant of Grace, 1
7 The Covenant of Grace, 2
8 Salvation
9 The Offices of Christ
10 The Ten Commandments, 1
11 The Ten Commandments, 2
12 The Ten Commandments, 3
13 The Lord's Prayer
14 The Sacraments
15 The Last Things

See our recommended reading page for more information if you want to obtain copies of the Catechism for Young Children.

In addition, we offer a memory tool to help you learn the questions and answers to this catechism over time.